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My Story

   Artist | Designer 
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Hi! My name is Bunny, @S2HEARTbunny on Instagram, an indie artist grown from Seattle and currently galavanting all across the continental U.S., probably on my way to an anime convention close to you, but usually cooking for my boyfriend when not at a con.

I left my corporate fashion job in 2017 and have been an artist full time by selling my art at comicons, anime cons and local events while growing my brand. I had stopped drawing to pursue fashion design in college and then climbing the corporate ladder but after a few years of a Devil Wears Prada-esque life and battling anxiety and depression, I picked up drawing again for the first time in seven years through a friend’s introduction to Inktober and Instagram. It became both therapy and meaningful work that allowed me to live my dreams to make art and products that bring a little happiness that can be uplifting in someone's day. Eight years, over twenty cities, and more than 70 shows later, I’m really honored at the friends and fans who have supported me not only artistically but personally, thank you to both con fam and IG fam for always taking care of me, encouraging me and loving my workExtra big thanks to my two wonderful brand models - Bri (@brimilk) and Ai-My (@cyriichii) - who wonderfully showcase my designs, as you’ll soon see.

   Logistics  |  Online Store  

This is a one-woman show so all orders are fulfilled by Bunny alone. Please understand it may take up to 3 weeks to for me to mail it out, especially with conventions coming back into swing. I do my best to fill it as soon as possible but if you have any concerns or need it for a specific date, please feel to reach out to me H E R E. 

   Brand Models  

Briana is the first brand model for S2HEART that Bunny brought on for her sense of sweet yet edgy streetstyle.

IMG_4078 edit.jpg

Ai-My is best cosplay/cat waifu who brings both sweet and lewd to S2HEART as a brand model. She is in Cali and can be found at many Cali cons in her epic cosplays.

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