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CODE://HEART Sketchbook

CODE://HEART Sketchbook


pro·to·type : /ˈprōdəˌtīp/


a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.


This heart is one like no other. The love that blooms within it is the first of its kind. It disintegrates the connections to a system that seeks to limit me but I am prepared forwhatever comes. 


-UPDATE 2022-

I've always said I feel like a robot trying to be human. People think I'm joking so I laugh with them because it makes them feel less awkward. Since getting diagnosed with Autism and ADHD, it's made me feel less "other" in a "wrong" way and more in a it's-a-fact type of way. So I updated the back illustration and the sleeve because I hope the sleeve is a reminder that we're just trying our best and it doesn't always work out but we are each a prototype and very original. 


♡ A5 sizeblank sketchbook with ribbon bookmark, elastic band closure and pocket on inner back cover 

♡ 56 sheets of 180gsm bright white (112 pages) 

♡ Vegan faux leather cover


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