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Dripping Smoke Sketchbook

Dripping Smoke Sketchbook


Before, I would spiral into beating myself over and over for drowning in my demons and questioning myself. 

I did have some nervous breakdowns where I'd cry for five minutes and then go back to painting the wall or hot glueing polyfill to make the floating clouds. The voices saying I wasn't good enough would swirl and stick to me and drip all over, but I kept going - mainly because there was a deadline (even though I was late) - and honestly, I made peace with my demons. I know because of them, they push me to do better by helping me calculate and plan and execute. My demons are overly critical and I don't know if it's just being in my thirties now, but they feel more like the friends I can sit with and take notes from than feel attacked or criticized by because at the end of the day, it's me criticizing myself and at the end of the day, I just want to do well so it's really just me being anxious about doing well. 

There's a few inside jokes about me with a hammer as a defense weapon so Bunbun is determinedly threatening one of the demons because work has to get done despite her tired, anxious state - thus furrowed brow. 

I hope this month's design helps you to feel less overwhelmed with challenges you face, be they internal or external, because you can get through it and make something beautiful. 


♡ A5 sizeblank sketchbook with ribbon bookmark, elastic band closure and pocket on inner back cover 

♡ 56 sheets of 180gsm bright white (112 pages) 

♡ Vegan faux leather cover


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