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Submerged Dotted Journal

Submerged Dotted Journal


The text on the girl's hoodie sleeve says "I'm okay".

With trusty Bunbun to hold on to (anxious as she is) and a mini Bunbun ready with stabby energies, this girl is definitely all magical girl vibes with moon goddess light bathing her through a field of peonies (which really means she's just running through some bushes) to remind you:

You are magical. You are okay as you are despite your struggles, despite how you may not fit into what the world wants from you, despite your inability to do things as well as your peers. So sparkle on cuties, sparkle on. 


♡ A5 size dotted journal with ribbon bookmark, elastic band closure and pocket on inner back cover 

♡ 96 sheets of 100gsm bright white (192 pages) 

♡ Vegan faux leather cover


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