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Bunny's Monthly Tee Club

♡ a way to get a cute new t-shirt every month with original art 

♡ one color will always be stocked in limited quantities but one will be club exclusive only with extremely limited availability for cons

♡ new designs will be released on the 25th of every month and open for subscribing until the 1st.

♡ if you subscribe after the 1st, your subscription will be applied to the following month. 

♡ orders will be put in on the 2nd and ship after the 20th (as long as there are no production or shipping delays)

♡ subscriptions can be cancelled anytime by the 1st. color and size can also be changed anytime by the 1st. 

I'm really excited to push myself to design something cute and meaningful every month that will bring a little cuteness and joy to those that join. Thank you for your love and support and encouragement to make it possible for me to offer this.  

October Tee -
The Deafening Silence of Expectatons

I recently asked on IG whether people would rather be seen or heard. I wasn't surprised that being heard was more important but I was surprised at the 19% seen vs 81% heard split. It makes sense in terms of a majority female audience as well as Instagram being a platform more for static visuals. Now, what I don't know is whether those who answered answered based on just what is of more value to them or if they voted based on their need to be heard not being met. 

Personally, I view being seen as a macro level need. To feel seen, someone has invested time and attention to notice who I am by the actions I make and the way I move about the world. Being heard, for me, is more micro level as it's one portion of my life or one aspect of myself I voluntarily offer up. Both are equally important in my opinion. Being seen is being recognized for who I am while being heard is being important enough to be listened to, whether I make sense or just need a sounding board.


Even though I over communicate due to a history of trauma surrounding being misunderstood and very carefully choosing what I say, very few ever actually ask me what I mean or actually use words in their actual meanings. Instead they attach their own emotional meanings to the words, their own traumatic history, their situational social context - often making me feel like a villain.

I have a great need to understand. In seeking to understand, I ask a lot of questions, gathering data and information. Of the types of questions that can be asked, I tend to ask "why" the most. Unfortunately, people tend to feel put on the spot, flustered, or criticized. I guess it depends on intent, but if I ask why, it's because I care about it, it doesn't make sense or I am genuinely curious because it surprised me. It's such a struggle for me to understand social cues and I often notice that people look at me expectantly to finish the sentence of some supposedly established social sequence of words or actions. But it tends to fly over my head and I either come off avoidant or if I acknowledge the deafening silence of expectations by trying to make an educated guess and directly ask what they expect from me, I face exasperation despite how I repeatedly remind how I am a robot pretending to be human and approach things logically with problem solving as my core modus operandi. 

For October's design, I wanted to convey feeling unheard in a way that the mouth is not covered by self but by the environment. I often feel like I emerge from myself to observe the world or the world submerges me in its machinations without letting me speak so I wanted to make it look like the girl could come out of the shirt. I mask because it's what is expected, even while inside I feel tears painfully escaping my eyes. I wanted this to be a companion piece to last year's Savage Seraphim in a manner so I drew her as a demon while also giving her a halo of swords. The swords protect the Bunbuns but are also pointed out and at the ready. The eye of ghosties were to convey the cramped, internal panic and struggle I feel. 

I hope this tee works to give you more opportunity to speak and be heard by being just disconcerting enough to make the onlooker pause and think about what they are about to say as our ghost ridden demon girl is a witness. 

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Above is the size chart with measurements. Please keep in mind that all tees are unisex so they are mens' sizes and should be sized down for women. As shirts are 100% cotton, they will shrink a little in the wash but making sure to not put it in the dryer will help reduce shrinkage as well as keep the print safe and pretty for a long time. Most American dryers are too high heat and break down the fibers in our clothes, causing them to wear out faster and will cause the print to crack by breaking down the chemical compounds. 

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Please note, the subscription is like pre-order. Tees are not available in stock. Below is a handy calendar. Subscriptions are available the 25th - 1st. After the 1st, your subscription will be applied to the following month's tee. If you wish to get the current month's tee, please contact me here.  

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